Madison Carnaval 2021 – Livestream

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Original broadcast aired March 13, 2021

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Hello to all of our fabulous Handphibians friends, fans, and family!

Although we wish we were able to enjoy Madison Carnaval with you in person, this year we’ll be celebrating with a livestream airing on March 13, 2021 at 6pm (CST).

We’ll send you the livestream link on Saturday, March 13.

During the stream we will relive some of our favorite moments of past Madison Carnaval celebrations, provide a glimpse inside our beloved East side rehearsal space, and share tributes to our teachers and the vibrant music community that surrounds and supports us!

We will feature our original Handphibians Samba and Maracatu compositions, the original choreography of the fabulous Ă“timo Dance, and several of the terrific supporting acts that have made Madison Carnaval such a special event.

Here’s to a 2021 that will bring new health and the ability to experience this great music and our great city together once again!